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Student life at UC Davis

12/10/16   Anne-Laure Trioulaire
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Here we are ! The last continent of this big adventure around the world : North America ! Before we hit the road along the West coast, we are staying two weeks at UC Davis, near Sacramento. This very dense program is aimed at making us more familiar with the US domestic market and its wine industry, especially California. Indeed if other States such as Oregon, Washington or even New-York produce grapes, California dominates the market by far.

After a quick review of the 3 thiers – producer, wholesaler, retailer – points of sales, margin, the TTB Taxe and Trade Bureau system, we get into the substance of the subject itself. Thanks to the hard work and network of our hosts, Jim Lapsley, Christian Miller & David Stevens, the lectures are hold by great professionnals. They come to share with us about their experience in winemaking, marketing, finance, brand management, channels of distribution…

We of course organize our favorite game with our new classmates – who are producers, retailers, or wine enthusiats. This « blind tasting » is of course all about US wines ! After some tasty cheese platters and nuts, all the 27 aluminium foil wrapped bottles are empty. If most of us lost track of the game by then, we have spent another great evening filled with happiness and laugther. 

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